Acryl Photos

In the world of visual communication, printing methods are often used for interior design purposes, due to its increasing popularity. Professional-quality printed interior decoration is not only used for business purposes nowadays. Since digital printing has become increasingly commonplace, now it is also available for those, who would like to make their homes more colourful. It opened several opportunities for interior designers, so they can come up with creative and innovative solutions.


Acrylic Photos
This is a special method for displaying photos, which consists of a water-clear Acrilyc sheet and a photo-quality print. The photo quality print is mounted to the backside of the Acrilyc sheet. The 3 mm thickness Acrilyc sheet is cut with a laser, since the edges are sharp, and their surface gets melted by the intense heat, which creates an even, homogeneous, glass-like surface. The glass-like, water-clear Acrilyc sheet increases the sharpness and the contrast of the picture behind it and makes its colours more vivid. We offer our Acrylic Photos with four different types of floating frames in black, white, dark brown and natural wooden.
It is a method frequently used in galleries, but it is also getting increasingly popular amongst interior designers, who use it for optically dividing the surface of the walls of homes, creating an eye-catching environment.