FineArt Printing


Originally, giclée means “to splatter” in French. But today, we use the expression “giclée printing” to describe the simultaneous application of the most modern, art-quality digital printing technologies and print carrier materials of museums’ archives collections. Giclée printing is a high-resolution printing technology using fade-free inks and qualified, acid-free printable materials meeting international standards, which ensures that prints that are made with this technology are appropriate even for being exhibited in museums.

In order to reach this printing level, we use the latest best-in-class inkjet technology of EPSON, combined with ILFORD and TECCO-PHOTO papers and also with Fredrix canvases.


  • 160 cm print width
  • Two print heads  10 colours
  • UltraChrome Pro10 inks


  • 110 cm print width
  • 99% Pantone coverage
  • 12 colours UltraChrome Pro12 inks


  • 42 cm print widht
  • 99% Pantone coverage
  • 12 colors UltraChrome HDX inks


  • 160 cm print widht
  • Pantone Digital Color certified
  • Two print heads
  • 10 colors GS3 eco-solvent inks
  • 53 m2 / h printing speed


After the final adjustment and several samples have been printed, the images are ready for printing by our professionals. Our customers can monitor the full process of the printing, so they can be part of the entire journey of an art piece being developed. Besides applying the most modern technologies we also pay a lot of attention to perform all the manual work processes in a precise and professional way. Our EPSON SureColor-P series printers are able to print 2880×1440 dpi images, they provide the opportunity to produce fine details and even color gradients.

Flóra Borsi is checking the qualinty of samples

Flóra Borsi is checking the quality of the printed samples of her Work of Art

Our Giclée print technology is also used by museums for archiving purposes and for organizing traveling exhibitions – if transporting the original artifact is not possible. Giclée printing provides a background for displaying the works of traditional painting, graphic arts, photography, and the youngest form of art: digital Visual Art.

Giclée printing can be described by three features, which include:

  • perfect quality,
  • long life durability
  • and the possibility of producing multiple identical copies.
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