Photographic and Fine Art mounting displays the artwork in a simple and minimalist way and it is great at exhibitions to achieve great impact, allowing viewers to focus on the work. In addition, it protects them against creasing and scratching. During the process we fix the artwork to a board, using a dry and acid-free (non-corrosive) sheet of glue, and a mounting table with a pressure roller which has 15 mm thick soft rubber coating, to guarantee the bubble-free application. It will result a flat outcome, and it can be hanged to the wall, or put into a frame.


We offer three different kind of boards, depending on the applications:

Aluminium Composit Panel Composed of two aluminum sheets with a core of polyethylene, which is bonded in between the two sheets of aluminium. A lightweight yet rigid panel is capable for durable use. The best solution for archival and long durability work of arts.

Lightweight Composite Panel A lightweight yet rigid panel is capable for medium-term or POP-UP use. Ideal for photo mounting with internal self-adhesive protection profile tape which can cover the open edge of the panel when required (only for 10 mm thickness). Due to the lightweight panel it can be easily hung with self-adhesive hangers.

Foam board High-stability board with reinforced foam structure. Great for mounting photos. It can be used as a substrate to print images for short term. Expofoam is a panel consisting of a polystyrene foam coated with aluminum foil lacquered white on both sides. Impervious to moisture this panel is characterized by high rigidity and excellent dimensional stability. Can be cut with a blade cutter. Due to the lightweight panel, can be easily hung with a hook.

The printed materials have a very sensitive surface in many cases. After printing, we handle them with care, wearing cotton gloves. During the mounting process, we do not touch the printed pictures with bare hands.


Canvas stretching
We use high quality, pinewood slats, prepared to the desired size, with wedges in each corner, and cross-bars for bigger sizes – to make the canvas as tight and strong as possible. We carefully hand-stretch our canvases onto the frames, and fix the border of the canvas to the back of the frame with pneumatic nail-guns – so the frame is totally invisible from the front, wrapped in canvas.

If we choose to print an image on a canvas, we can still achieve a unique, artistic effect. For this, we cover a special enamel layer manually with a hand.