A Complex System Dedicated to Quality

Color Correctness

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Printers, inks, calibrated monitors, professional RIP software, controlled color management, ICC profiles, and print carrier materials establish a system which we work with, resulting in the FineArt printing process, being able to meet the highest quality criteria.

High-quality artworks of modern digital imaging are produced by the simultaneous and aligned use of high-color-accuracy, high-resolution, calibrated displays, professional EFI RIP software, controlling the printing process, and an ICC color profile predefined for all print carrier materials. Our printers are able to print 2880×1440 dpi pictures, thus they provide the opportunity for producing fine details and even color gradients. Using original, eco-friendly, EPSON pigment inks, high-color-accuracy and high-color-space pieces are also able to be printed. We chose our carrier materials from the premium-quality manufacturers’ series.


Certificates for the artist prints

We provide Certificates of Authenticity for artist prints. These certifications describe detailed related information. Contains the name of the artist, the title of the Work of Art, the size of that, and the number of copies. We also indicate the ink technology, the kind of paper, and the print carrier material as well.

The certificates are valid only together with a holographic sticker on the mounted backside of the work of art or on the certificate. Also attests that the artist’s print is original and made by Giclée Factory.

Certificates of Authenticity for artist prints by Giclée Factory