A Complex System Dedicated to Quality

Printers, inks, calibrated monitors, professional RIP software, controlled colour management, ICC profiles and the print carrier material establish a system which we work with, resulting the FineArt printing proccess, to be able meet the highest quality criteria. High-quality artworks of modern digital imaging are produced by the simultaneous and aligned use of high-colour-accuracy, high-resolution, calibrated displays, professional EFI RIP software, controlling the printing process and an ICC color profile predefined for all print carrier materials. Our printers are able to print 2880×1440 dpi pictures, thus they provide the opportunity for producing fine details and even colour gradients. Using original, eco-friendly, EPSON pigment inks, high-colour-accuracy and high-colour-space pieces are also able to be printed. We chose our carrier materials from the premium-quality manufacturers’ series. With our 10 colour, wide-format eco-solvent printer – which is also able to print white and metal colors – we can achieve truly customized solutions.