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Welcome wall of National Geograhic Anniversary Exhibition at Hungarian NAtional Museum


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We got a chance to be a part of National Geographic Hungary’s 20th Anniversary Exhibition which is a supplementary exhibition of the International World Press Photo in Budapest. This amazing exhibition was created with the cooperation of EPSON Hingary and Giclée Factory.

So many work and effort we did and we are very satisfied with the result.

Printer: EPSON SureColor SC-P20000
Paper: EPSON Premium Luster paper 260 g/sqm
Mounted: 3 mm Dibond
Photo print

Capa Center - People of Petőfi streets exhibition

Capa center / Pictoral Collective: Residents of streets named after poet Sándor Petőfi

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We got the chance to be partner to produce the images for Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center exhibition Residents of streets named after poet Sándor Petőfi.

More than 187 printed, mounted and framed photoprint. It was a huge quantity producing wich made us exhausted but in the same time very happy.

Ukrain war photo press exhibition

That was Budapest photo festival in 2023

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The cooperation between Giclée Factory and Budapest Photo Festival goes back a long time. It is a fruitful collaboration and we are always grateful to be a part of the Festival year by year. Many interesting and up-to-date themes we can see during the production process.

All the photos are printer by our EPSON SureColor SC-P20000 large format photo printer

dávid bíro exhibition at ludwig museum

Dávid Bíró – Digitalization is among us

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Digitalization is among us. Exhibition about of effects of technology development on our daily life. Dávid’s unique style and vision provide an interesting experience between the minimalist contemporary work of art and the traditional creative process.

Co-exhibitor: Dávid Bíró

Printer: EPSON SureColor SC-P20000
Paper: Tecco:Photo BT270 Baryt paper
Mounted: 3 mm Dibond
Photo print

art photo exhibition in sofia

Gábor Máté – Exhibition in sofia

1024 629 gicleefactory

When we mount analoge photos we always have to be more careful because we are not able to reprint the images. We have only one chance of image by image. Works like that mean opportunity for us to provide our professional and passionate to work of arts.

Mounted on: 3 mm Dibond
Analoge photos

Photo: Antonia Baramova /

Hungarian National Gallery. Exhibition of lóra Borsi

Flóra Borsi – first exhibition in hungary

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Flóra Borsi is a worldwide known visual artist, but she had no exhibition in Hungary before 2019. Word Press Photo Exhibition is always a quite interested event all over the world. The main organizer of the event in Budapest asked Flóra to be a part of the event like a part exhibitor. The location was the Hungarian National Museum, which was an amazing impressive place for her first exhibition in Hungary.

Printer: EPSON SureColor SC-P20000
Paper: Tecco:Photo PFR295 FineArt Rag
Mounted: 3 mm Dibond
Photo print

Tony McGee – David Bowie selection

1024 683 gicleefactory

As an official partner of the biggest contemporary fair in the region Art Market Budapest, we got a chance to print Tony McGee’s photos in 2017. It was our pleasure because we were first to see a special selection of Tony’s David Bowie collection. It was clear to us there was a special connection between the photographer and the model. The photos told us amazing stories without any words.

Printer: EPSON SureColor SC-P20000
Paper: Tecco:Photo PFR295 FineArt Rag
Mounted: 3 mm Dibond
Photo print

Our Common Secrets – V4 countries EXHIBITION

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V4 countries have a special connection to each other in many ways. Capital cities of V4 have also so many common secrets. István Gyarmati has followed by these secrets. It was three-part cooperation between Giclée Factory, István, and Várkert Bazár to making a photo exhibition including V4 countries conference in Budapest, at 2018. The exhibition was visited well and we were to be a part of it as a photo printing partner.

Printer: EPSON SureColor SC-P20000
Paper: Tecco:Photo PFR295 FineArt Rag
Mounted: 3 mm Dibond
Sizes: 140x100cm

Daily Works

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Giclée printing is a high-resolution printing technology using fade-free inks and qualified, acid-free printable materials meeting international standards, which ensures that prints that are made with this technology are appropriate even for being exhibited in museums. In our daily works, we use any kind of printable materials including for the highest quality standards.

Our media range provides to usage for making prints for POP-Up or traveling exhibitions too. Based on these we fall into three categories our photo quality printable materials:
Short, medium, and long-term durability. Matching for them we offer mounting materials too. From paper-based foamboards to 3 layered composite Dibond board.

We always use acid-free dry double-sided self-adhesive sheets for mounting photo papers on.

As a side solution, we also offer outdoor printing to advertise the exhibitions as a sign.

Fine Art Reproductions

1024 681 gicleefactory

Canvas printing. It seems like an ordinary way to print painting copies but there is much more behind the scene. We have to make difference depending of the usages and the sizes. For museum archival, we offer our EPSON water-based print technology with long-life durability UltraChrome inks. This is for up to 150 cm. Canvases for this are available in many kinds. Natural white colored with medium-textured surface or cool white canvases with smooth surface as well. Even more, we have a canvas that is similar to a natural canvas. All of them have a special coating layer which provides to being them printable by our water-based ink technology.

For common or short-term usage we offer our eco-solvent print technology with special canvases. We have semi-glossy and matt surfaced canvases manufactured by one of the oldest canvas manufacturers the American Tara Materials. These canvases are woven with mixed cotton and polyester. The coating method is quite special because in some cases made by hands. It means the coating liquid goes deep into the threads. It provides good stretching on the frame without cracks on the edges.

To reach a more realistic effect we offer a special finishing method. It means we use painting brush and special varnish for making painting brush stroke. It is popular when the customer wants something unique.

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