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Post production

Giclée Factory functions as a workshop where traditional and the latest technologies are combined. During the last few years we provided the opportunity for photographers, graphic designers and creative professionals to edit their digital work before printing, using our Color Management system, high color-accuracy displays and professional graphic design software. After the fine setting the pictures get prepared for printing by professionals. We get to the final, printable work by creating several print samples, thus our customers can monitor the whole process of FineArt printing, and can be a part of the birth of the art piece. Besides applying the most modern technologies we also pay a lot of attention to perform all the manual work processes a precise and professional way. The printable materials have a very sensitive surface, thus after printing we handle them wearing cotton gloves. During post-production we don’t touch the printed pictures with bare hands. The printed pictures are mounted to a 3-10-millimeter-thick carrier material, thus the prints won’t crinkle, and will be long-lasting and easy to be handled. The mechanical mounting is performed by a Bubble-Free mounting table used only for this purpose. The pressure of the rubber cylinders used for mounting is controlled by a pneumatic system, which can be set within a wide range of values; thus the prints are able to be mounted precisely and bubble-free.