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Giclée print

Originally, giclée means “to splatter” in French. But today, we use the expression “giclée printing” to describe the simultaneous application of the most modern, art-quality digital printing technologies and print carrier materials of museums’ archives collections. Giclée printing is a high-resolution printing technology using fade-free inks and qualified and acid-free materials meeting international standards, which ensure prints made with this technology are appropriate for being exhibited in museums and last for up to 100 years. TECCO PHOTO medias used by Giclée Factory are tested by the *Wilhelm Imaging Research Institute. The results meet the photographers’ and creative artists’ requirements regarding their art-quality works. This technology is used by museums for archiving purposes and for organizing travelling exhibitions – if transporting the original artifacts is not possible.

Giclée printing provides a background for displaying the works of traditional painting, graphic arts, photography and the youngest form of art: computer graphics. Giclée printing can be described by three features, which include perfect quality, long life and the possibility of producing multiple identical copies.